Prelude: Love Forever

The population of earth had reached 9 billion, and global warming effects are becoming more visible. Governments around the world have been working hard to fend off this effect created by the over growth of industrialization and international trade and had only been mildly successful. In the meantime, distribution of food stock and water has been an increasing problem. While there are plenty of food and water on the planet, they are being distributed unevenly. Rising tension among the haves and have nots continue to rise.

Then in 2020, a series of major volcanic eruptions around the world disrupted the food chain. Those countries that still was able to harvest food stock kept tight guard on their production while countries that relied on imports now find themselves rapidly heading into poverty. Protectionism was everywhere and international travel has decrease to level before the golden era of 1980’s.

In the mean time, several scientists have proposed that the series of volcanic eruptions around the world is not an anomaly but a rising trend that makes global warming due to human activities seem like child play. The scientist found evidences that there is some instability in the inner structure of earth’s core. But because of lack of significant data, most of the scientific community did not accept that proposal…..

In 2015 because of an earlier discovery of the magnetic space-time connection between earth and sun, a probe was sent to test whether macroscopic objects can travel in that anomaly. The technology employed was a result of long research by a secret organization formed by the UN that had been studying an alien technology that had been discovered before the first world war. The technology wasn’t just found in any particular country but in several archeological digs around the world.

While advances in physics and fundamental sciences were increasing rapidly independent of the UN efforts, the insight from the alien technology gave further evidences and directions of the possibilities of space travel. Several modes of travel were proposed. And this particular effort was one of them….

While most of the scientific community scoffed at the EIT (earth instability theory), many governments and the UN feel the need to examine that scenario and look for solutions. They did not exclude an all out earth exodus scenario. Therefore more funding than ever was put into studying space travel to establish space colonies.

There were three directions that the government and private corporations poured their resources into. The first is colonization of planets with Mars being the primary target , the second is in case of a less catastrophic scenario but that still requires colonization. Moon and various planetary satellites in the solar system would be candidates. The moon colonization would also extend to a ringworld around planet earth. The third option arrive much later to the scene and requires space-time travel to a exo-planet 32 lightyears away at Pollux b.

(image per google 100,000 stars project for Chrome browser)

A wormhole pathway to Pollux b was discovered just right outside the heliopause as Voyager I, the old NASA craft sent outside of the solar system,  passby a large anomaly in year 2050. After analysis by scientists in the newly formed United Near Space Science Consortium (UNSSC), they determined that not only does there exist an wormhole, the ancient technology studied by the UN secret group might have originated from the wormhole. Triangulating from other archeological data, they determined that the origin of the ancient technology must be Pollux b. And the spacecraft are capable of traversing the wormhole….

In earth year 2070, the first expedition to Pollux b was sent. A small crew of a hundred boarded the craft K-P and headed for the distant exoplanet….

In earth year 2090 (20 AFHA, after first human arrival), the second expedition was sent. This time the size of immigration has increased to tens of thousands consisting people from all nations looking to start a new life.

This story takes place in the year 100 AFHA, 80 years after the arrival of the 2nd expedition where human has established permanent residence on Pollux b but the threat of EIT is still a mystery with no immediate solution insight……

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