“The Key 2:Constancy” is the sequel to the original “The Key” which was the only manga I ever wrote as part of a college project. The sequel is inspired by my new experiences and observations since the original story. It is my realization that having one growth experience is insufficient and that constantly reminding oneself of the learning and internalizing so that it becomes natural is more important. In this story, I am bringing in one of my favorite topic that is astronomy. The story takes place in the distant future, 150 year from now, on the exoplanet beta Geminorium b (Pollux beta) 33 light years from earth. This is one of the closest exoplanet to Earth and is also one of the earliest found. The main character named Amelio Hong is the distant descendant of the original character who now carries on the traditions of his ancestors in the foreign world.

One of the conjecture which serves as the background to the story is that history repeats itself but in different form and scale. I am a bit leaning toward having the history of China and Taiwan to serve as the background being a Taiwanese myself. Although there are many countries that were split during the world war other than China such as South and North Korea, East and West Germany, India and Pakistan, Israel and Palestine etc, Taiwan faces the interesting challenge of surviving a merge back to Mainland and staying relevant because the geographical and population size difference is so large. Hong Kong for example had recently suffered from the return to China after English rule. This is a bit of self-discovery of me as I learn of the history of Taiwan and its relationship with Mainland and various neighboring nations and those that once rules it such as the Portuguese, Dutch, China and Japan. This is a story about how to face challenges of any scale and severity with the stillness of a mountain. It is this message I hope to convey with this story. I hope you will enjoy it.

Sincerely, scifijack

Story Setting:

astronomical properties per wolfram alpha


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