About the Author

About the Author

This is my first attempt at fiction writing. It is a sequel to my comic book project at a college senior seminar called “the Key.” This new episode is “the Key 2: Constancy.”

I was born in Taiwan. My interest in science fiction started from reading Japanese manga about a cat robot named Doraemon while in Taiwan. After migrating to the United States, I become more interested in science such as astronomy. And the reruns of Star Trek and later the movies, really inspired me. In college, I continued to study astronomy and astrophysics. After some attempts to get a PhD in physics, I head back to San Francisco where my dad has a small business. Because my parents had to return to hometown, I was asked to help out. The business was in transition. So with the help of my brother I got into the tea business. That lead me to study and research business administration. I took the tea business very seriously and was a way for me to get to know my own culture.

I returned to Taiwan in 2007 around the time of the financial crisis and later started working in an environmental evaluation firm doing some planning, project management and marketing.

As I tried to infuse my love of physics into my work, I found that many were interested in hearing about the various intricate happenings in the science which are not readily available in the daily news which were typically covered with local musings. At the suggest of many, I took up the courage to start a sci-fi story. Because it is easier for me to write sci-fi in English, so that is were I am starting. Working on low-budget and part-time, I find wordpress a real life-saver. I write now as a relief from routine work and for my own edification. But I hope others will enjoy this journey as well.





Experience Timeline:

Master of Physics, University of Colorado

President of Water and Leaves Tea Company

Executive MBA, Golden Gate University

Hobby: photography, astronomy and Chinese classics


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