Short Story: Zombie and the Vampire

Story:The Zombie and the Vampire.

One night it was dark and cloudy and full moon. The Vampire comes to the house of his buddy the Zombie and says:Z, I will race you to the haunted house.

Z: Sure thing V. What are the rules?
V: There are no rules. Whoever gets there wins.
Z: Sure thing V. I’ll walk over there one step at a time. You go ahead.
V: I’ll wait for you at the finish line (laughs the Vampire in his typical haunting laughter).

So without further a due, the Zombie and the Vampire are off to a race.

The zombie walks as fast as it can. Stiff and slow. The Vampire on the other hand turns into a bat and started flying toward the haunted house. There is totally no competition, the vampire thought.

Half way toward the haunted house, a bunch of black crows happened by and spotted the racing bat that is the vampire. They wanted to tease it and so swhoosh they went toward the bat. The bat, shocked by the pure number of black crows in the sky, started to avoid the crows. It got so dizzying that the bat which is the Vampire couldn’t keep his form and turned backed into the Vampire. and fell from the sky onto a tree which broke his fall.

In the meantime, the stiff walking Zombie is nearly at the haunted house but his buddy the Vampire is still nowhere insight. The Zombie waited the whole night for his friend the Vampire but he didn’t show up but then the sun started and appearing and Vampire cursed and cursed and ran back to his house.

Zombie wins the race. End of the Story. Happy Holidays.


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