Chapter 3-3 Holy Gemini!

The hallway lights up with the artificial candles.

Amelio and David carefully step pass the door and into the corridor. The corridor is filled with breathable air but is cold and had a horrible stench. From the markings and lack of it on the walls it is evident that the pathway was artificially made. Drilled with some sort of ancient but efficient machinery. David sends a beam to probe the depth of the corridor. Not too far away, just a kilometer. About a 15 minutes walk. The pathway had a rather gentle decline. Except for the sound of their footsteps there was total silence.

The artificial lights are rather intriguing because it means that there has to be some power source deep inside. But who or what is down there? Are there people living within this cave unknown to the outside world?

Amelio and David tread very slowly looking for any strange signs.
Twenty minutes past, they reached the end of the hallway which turns to the immediate right. The two had kept quiet all this time. David looks to the right into the next path. Amelio nods.

The two continue walking into the next leg. David uses his beam again. Half a kilometer this time.

Ten minutes pass. This time the pathway splits into two. They look identical except one had a ruby glow to it and the other had a bluish glow to it. Amelio shrugs his shoulder. David looks to the right with the bluish glow and points that way. Amelio agrees with a nod.

Again, David uses his beam to test the depth. But this time he isn’t getting any reading. David spanks his probe a few times to see if it is broken but it isn’t. Why isn’t the laser probe working?The two start to get just a little bit nervous. They already walked inside for thirty minutes. If there are monsters at the end of this hallway, they will have no way to escape. Now, why didn’t they think of that before?

The two men slow their pace down to just a pace every few seconds. There were still lights but there were some segment up front that seems dark.


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