Chapter 3-2: Temple of Hogfa

“Computer, set course to the outpost temple. We want to find out what that shimmering light is. Get me all the clearance I need to get in there. My ID… I keyed it in.” Says David to the computer.

The computer runs a few lights.

“David do we need to tell someone about this? We don’t want to alarm anyone.”

” don’t worry Amelio I tell them it is just a routine geographical survey. Anyways, it’s time that someone look at this place again instead of leaving it in ruins. It is odd that there is a shimmering light there. There are no transmission of electricity to this location. It has to be self generated if it is artificial. If it is natural……”

“Arriving at the temple, Master Sandler.”

David, acknowledges the computer by punching in a landing sequence to bring the craft gently down to a landing pad behind the temple which sits in ruin. He’s definitely not going to be home for dinner tonight, he thinks to himself.

The sun is just about to set so there is still a bit of twilight to see the whole temple.

The two scientists climb out of the cruiser and stepped on the ground. Sounds of flying creatures chirps in the background.

“Do we even know what sort of creatures live around here. We don’t have any sort of gears for a trek of this sort” Amelio laments.

“Gears? Did you say gears?”

David press a red button on the belly of the craft and opens a compartment. He pulls on a drawer handle and in the drawers are equipments that make any scientists drool.

“Here, a handheld geosensor. Tracks anything you can dream of….goggles, for night vision. I don’t think there will be light until tomorrow morning. And stunners, in case we meet some unfriendly beings. And we would want to stay warm with these jackets. Temperature here drops to near freezing at night.”

The two geared up and look at each others new bulky geeky look. And chuckles.

“From the last sighting, the shimmer should be on the west side of the temple. Lets go look.” Suggests Amelio.

The two heads toward the left side of the temple. It is shrouded by tall green grass. Vast open space of nothing.

“We’ll according to the map. We are right here at point x but I don’t see anything.” says

“Look around for some….these blasted grass. Too tall to see anything. Let’s clear them. Stand back.” Says David with a slightly louder voice. He pulls out his stunners and razed the top of the grass like he was shaving. A bit better but the ground was still not visible. But David made a noise with the stunner so loud that if anyone was there, they probably ran away.

“Crumbs. There’s too much grass and we are too low to see. There, step up there higher to see if can find anything.” David points at the stone wall of the temple that with a little agility can be climbed.

“Oh, you testing my muscles. I haven’t climbed in years…oh no matter. It’s not that high.” Amelio goes ahead and climbed up the wall and look on the just razed grass field.

“David, in front of you. Twenty steps. There is a cavity. No shining objects. It’s getting darker and I don’t….” Before Amelio finishes his sentence, David is already taking the twenty steps.

It’s a door of some sort.

“It’s a door of some sort,” yells David to Amelio. “It’s locked. Made of iron. Has a strange symbol on it. I can’t read it”

Amelio jumps down from the wall to take a closer look at the door. There are not one symbol on it but three.

“Wait wait….let me think. No these are not the same as the one on the paper found at your house. It’s an entirely different origin” Amelio rests his palm on one of the symbol. And uses his finger to trace out the pattern. “No, I can’t say I have seen these before” he lifts his hand from the door.

“Amelio, you left a mark on the door.”

Amelio looked and indeed his trace of the symbol is left on there. But after a few seconds, it disappeared. Amelio does it again. And again, the trace is there for a few seconds and then disappears.

“Aha, if that is the case then if I…..” Amelio starts tracing the symbols but the order of the trace confounded him. He tried it again and again, getting better at it each time. But each time he finishes , the tail end of he trace already disappeared.

“Amelio, it appears you need to trace it not only in the right order but fast enough. I don’t know anyone on this planet that can do this.”

Amelio smiles. He practiced a few more times and wahla! The trace lingers in its entirety glowing neon yellow and starts blinking.

“Shimmering! This is the shimmering we saw from the distance!” Yells Amelio in excitement. “Somebody or something must have done this very same trick and set off the shimmering.”

“Great but what now, super cowboy?” Asks David.

“We wait.”
“Wait for what?”

“What sign.”

“Any sign”

“Any sign”
“Look Amelio. It’s getting dark. We should find shelter. It’s nice tat thing is shimmering but it doesn’t open the door.”

“Something else is missing”

“I don’t know. Maybe a sesame open sort of command.”
“That’s great. This is not Arabia on earth.”
“Maybe “yirszzzz hogfa”

All of the sudden the glow on the door increased intensity. But then decreased again.
“Yirszzzz hogfa” said Amelio again. David follows and repeated “yirszzzz hogfa” several time. With each mentioning, the glow becomes more intense and pulsing faster.
The two repeat the chant of yirszzzz hogfa many many times until all of the sudden the lock on the door clanged and opens!
The iron door swings opens downward, the corridor down becomes lit automatically with artificial candles.
At the entrance, there some ancient glyph.
“This is readable. Probably made by our earlier settlers of the outpost. “To temple of….. yirzzzz hogfa. Oh David this is getting very interesting.”

“We’ll interesting but don’t forget we are not here for vacation but to find your kid.”


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