Chapter 3-1 yirsza hogfa

[On a cruiser above the colony temple of zone 4]

Amelio terminates the transmission with her daughter Juno before she can catch on to his worry. He loves the kids, Brutus, Juno and wife Fiona. They made his life complete. Yet now Brutus is missing and the only clue he had is a piece of paper with an ancient glyph of a mountain. And Mt. Sediq seems like the most likely candidate because that’s the only one around. He doesn’t know that Fiona has gather up a rescue team to seek him out. He rather take care of the trouble himself. You know, let the guys handle it sort of thing.

Amelio looked at the archival pictures of the Zajim incident.
“We can’t access the control computing system too long. It will log you out automatically after 10 minutes,” David reminds Amelio.

“David, I’ve seen this object before.” Amelio shows David the object in the photo.

“Computer, enlarge area in the middle by factor of 2”

The computer display zooms in onto a hazy area of the black and white photo.

“Computer, false color with temperature interpolation. Can you reconstruct a 3D picture with the picture in the archives?”

“Yes, Master Hung but not with much resolution.”

“No problem, do the best you can.”

It took a few second for the 3D reconstruction to occur. In the zoomed area there is a large spherical object which is slightly translucent. It’s core having a high temperature and is mark by the red false color. All areas around it are cool blue colors.

“This David. I’ve seen this before”

“What is it Amelio? where have you seen it?”

“In earth history book. David, this is the same object as in the history books.”

“You mean…..”

“It was the discovery of these objects around earth in different locations that humans knew of a wormhole between the solar system and here. That very thing.”

“Database auto log out in 2 minutes,” reminds the computer.

“Wait computer, are there any audio files for this incident.”

“Yes there is, but it is classified beyond both you and David,” replied the computer.

“Dang those classifications. Computer who has clearance?” Amelio asks.

“Never mind. Then we just ignore this thing and go about our business and let you or whoever worry about he end of our settlement here.”

Computer lights started blinking as if it was in fear.

“Yes, computer if we go, you go. So I won’t worry about a super weapon possibly sitting beneath the temple there that can totally blow up this half of the planet. Oh no I won’t. You keep those sound files classified. That’s the best way to save yourself.”

“Wait wait” says the computer, “the sound files are now declassified.”

Amelio looks at David with a smile.

“See, computers can be reasonable” says Amelio.
“We’ll, don’t bet your life on them,” quibs David. “The central computer are buggy these days. Uptime is now only 2 weeks. And have to be rebooted. We get all the crappy hardware from earth. Parts people don’t want. Trash. it sucks”

“Computer, we don’t have all day. Please play the sound files now? Before the sunsets?” Hurries Amelio.

“Playing the first track…”

“Computer, you need to denoise that. High pass filter. There is a signature frequency I am looking for. See if you can isolate that.”

“Master Hung, I am only a class 4 computer. You are asking to do things with my limited processors.”

“Tough it computer, we are in danger so do the high pass filter and show me the sound diagram.”

The computer shows a bunch of wiggles on screen.

“Run a Fourier for repetition frequency.”

Computer blinks a few times quickly. And returns with an answer.

“At the boy, that my good computer” says Amelio.

“There is a ver low frequency repetition at 10 seconds per cycle”

“Okay extract the sound at that frequency and filter the rest.”

Computer follows the instruction and returns with a cleaned sound………


The sound echoes in the chamber of the cruiser as they race toward temple.

“David, the yirsz hogfa sphere. I think it is still here. I have a bad feeling about this.”

“You think it might be linked to Brutus’ disappearance.”

“No, I don’t know that. But that shimmering light. There isn’t suppose to be anyone here at all let alone a shimmering. This place has been evacuated and forbidden for decades.”


“We’ll, lets find out Amelio.”

“I don’t think our wifes’ will be happy about this.”

“What? An adventure? We will be back for dinner”

“That is if we don’t become the dinner” says Amelio quietly.


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