Chapter 3-0: story thus far


In the year ….man sends the first group of colonists to exoplanet beta Geminorium b orbiting Pollux 30’some light years from earth via a wormhole traverser.

Earth was tremendously populated and have started colonizing the moon, and nearby transform able areas of solar system. However, looming in the background is the increasing restlessness of seismic activities on the planet causing frequent food shortages and disruption of global trade. Theories of earth instability has been large dismissed as ridiculous but a group of scientists sought to find proof and and solution. Little do they know that the solution isn’t on planet earth but on beta Geminorium b.

Amelio Hung was born as the the descendant of the second wave of colonists to the exoplanet….

In the first Season, Amelio and David heads off to toward Mt. Sediq in search of his missing son Brutus. On their way there, they passed by Zone 4 and spotted an anomalous shimmer near an abandoned colony temple. Pulling old sensitive records from the Central Computer System with permission from friend and geophysicist David, Amelio discovered some shocking facts about the Zajim Incident that caused the evacuation. Juno, Amelio’s daughter suddenly sensed her papa is in trouble. She contacted him briefly only for her papa to hang up, assuring her that everything is under control. Juno doesn’t think her papa is safe and want to find him right away.

In the second season, Amelio’s wife Fiona, having not heard from Amelio, decided to embark on an rescue mission with friend Sarah, Flo and the school robot ADA. But her vehicle was mysteriously hijacked from the school parking lot. Flo was abducted as well when she attempted to stop the theft. Major Andante, friend of Sarah, offered some clue about who might have stolen the vehicle but was lost to what would be the cause. He thinks it might be the work of one of the famous tradesman on the planet since only they have access to tractor beams.

Sarah offered her vehicle and the trio head to pick up Juno. Miss Jane, the school teacher and Max, Juno’s classmate and a telecom whiz kid, also joined in. The six of them first head off toward the last spot Amelio’s communication was recorded. But as night time approaches, they opted to stop by the Dragon Inn. There, they were coldly greeted by the inn keeper Juba and a mysterious caped shapeshifter. They head to the room above but during their sleep, Fiona was waken by distant sound near the river behind the inn. She barely can make out the figure to be the caped shapeshifter as she secretly pry from the hotel window. But the sharp eye of the shapeshifter caught her. Surprised, Fiona waked Sarah and the two try to figure what to do next.

And now, for the third season of Constancy….


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