Chapter 2-4 Where to next?

As Sarah’s transporter zooms across the landscape in twilight, the street lights sparkle like diamonds in shiny orange color. It is getting late and Juno’s school is already closed. One would assume that Juno and her teacher have stayed in the school to wait for Fiona’s call.

Fiona: Computer, please call Juno’s classroom.

Computer: Connecting…classroom connected…

Juno: Mommy, is that you?

Fiona: yes dear. Is everything alright over there?

Juno: Mommy, we can’t find papa.

Fiona (in a comforting tone): it’s alright Juno. We will find papa.

Fiona knows that things are pretty grim but she cannot let Juno feel unsafe.

Fiona: Juno, we will be there in an hour. Is Miss Jane there?

Juno: Yes she is mama. Would you like to talk with her?

Fiona: Yes……Miss Jane we will be there in an hour.

Miss Jane: Hurry, Juno thinks Amelio is in big trouble. She says she can sense it.

Fiona: Miss Jane, if I know my husband, he probably is having a good time…danger or not.

Miss Jane: well, I hope so.

Fiona disconnects the communication with a press of a button. Fell back to her seat with a big sigh. Why does Amelio always get into this type of trouble? Being a projector is worse than being a cop. Amelio constantly have to survey areas and news and have to project ahead of time what might happen and then make proper actions. Sometimes he has to go places that are dangerous. And the work is totally a thankless job. Most people go about their business not worrying about the future. And if Amelio saves the day by mitigating danger. No one really knows about it. It’s not military nor catastrophes of nature.

Nor do they care to since nothing happened to them. Most folks don’t see beyond their immediate area or time. Blind to the past and future. If they do project about the future, it is either one tracked or linear. Even in the exponential cases that might be true, the projections are still one tracked.

2D or 3D or multiple dimensions are beyond the mind of the ordinary but even for a projector like Amelio it brings a lot of angst as sometimes he gets informational overload. It’s a constant worry of his. His is not psychic but a well-studied person. He’s gotten a lot better at it as he got older but occasionally it is just too much.

What does not make sense is why her kid Brutus is missing and why somebody is trying to stop them (Amelio and Fiona) from finding him. Brutus, the older son is a quiet kid. He said he want to be a projector just like Amelio but Amelio thinks that perhaps the tradition of projectors should stop with him. The training for a good projector takes decades and is rigorous. Most kids would break just several days into the training. So Amelio keeps Brutus on regular school work. The kid is smart but shy. There isn’t much about him that is different from other geeky boys. So why should someone kidnap him? It makes no sense. For money? Amelio makes squat for putting his life in danger. So that cannot be it. For vengeance? Amelio has friends by the bundle. Maybe he upset a few folks in his way of mitigating danger but overall he is fairly well liked.

Anyways, the first thing to do is to reach Juno’s school and start looking for places where Amelio had last been recorded. That is the best place to start.

Sarah: cup of tea or coffee?

Fiona: I quit coffee a while back. Tea please.

Sarah turns her seat to the tea maker and pressed the button for tea.

Sarah: I only have Formosa.

Fiona: No, that’s fine.

Sarah: Don’t think too much Fiona. Like you said, Amelio likes danger. He will be fine. If something really bad had happened wouldn’t Juno already sense it?

Fiona: You are right Sarah. Juno said he was in danger but he must still be alive. Maybe he is swashbuckling one of the Geminorium b monsters.

A smile start to appear on Fiona’s face.

Sarah: Your tea is served.

Fiona: Oh thank you. How long before we get there?

Fiona looks out the darkness outside. The craft has long left the habitable zones and are in areas of darkness. The only lights are stars in the sky and lights flashing from the transporter. Down there is total darkness.

Sarah: 20 more minutes. Let me get the weapons ready.

Fiona: what weapons? You have weapons?

Sarah: Just some self-defense stun guns. Won’t kill anything. It’s better be safe than sorry.

Fiona: How many do you have?

Sarah: Let’s see here…..

Sarah again turns her seat now to a compartment next to the tea machine.

Sarah: My husband bought these for me. Being a cop he is rather antsy about these things. He thinks someone would steal me away from him so he put these in my craft.

Sarah scrimmages through a box of junk. At the very bottom sits two stun guns.

Sarah: See, very easy. Just like a camera. You point and shoot.

Fiona: I’ve never used a gun before.

Sarah: Girl, we are up against something big so you don’t want to be open to attack. Flo and your craft just got abducted….I don’t need to remind you that.

Fiona: Can we like hide it so that we don’t have to use it.

Sarah: Okay girl, if you don’t want to use it, I won’t force you. I can carry one and cover you.

Fiona: You are talking like your hubbie. We are going to Juno’s school and its pretty safe there.

Sarah: I hope so.

Fiona looks into her cup of tea. Formosa, Amelio’s favorite tea. He use to talk endless about a trip he made back to Earth and to the tea fields. How beautiful it was and how he saw the teas were made. The fresh scent of tea all captured in the rolled up tea leaves, released once the hot water infuses it. Fiona took a small sip. Held it in her mouth and then gently swallows it. She can feel the gentle warmth of the tea flows down her throat. It calms the nerve too.

Computer: Arriving at destination….

Sarah swing her chair back toward the front and starts tapping the landing sequence into the computer. Sarah is quick with her fingers and the transporter gently touches down at the school’s transporter landing zone.

The gals quickly open the hatch and runs toward Juno’s classroom. The entire school building was dark except for Juno’s classroom where you can see three silhouettes. Three? Juno, Miss Jane and who is the third person?

As they arrive at the classroom, they relieved with a sigh. The third person is Max, Juno’s classmate.

Fiona: Max, aren’t you suppose to be home? Wouldn’t your papa be worried by now?

Max: Ma’m, my papa is out-of-town this week. I already called mama and she said I can stay to help Juno if I want. I can help ma’m. I know how to work communicators.

Fiona: Okay, but stay close because we don’t know who we are dealing with.

Miss Jane turns off the light to the classroom and closes the door as the five of then head back to the landing zone.

Sarah: Fasten your seat belt Juno and Max. Where to now, Fiona?

Max: While we were waiting, I downloaded the tracking info for Mr Hung. Here it is.

Fiona: Smart kid Max. Thanks. Let’s see… he came here to drop off Juno then head to David’s house and from there they head into the mountains.

Max: ma’m it kinda dark in the mountains now. Mr. Hung must have found some shelter already.

Fiona: You are right Max. Let’s look for them tomorrow morning but first let’s get to some place near. I know of a lodging right before heading into the mountains. Computer, set course for the Dragon Inn.

Computer: course set…

Sarah: Let’s go….engage…..

Sarah presses a few buttons on the dashboard and the transporter turns to port and zoomed into darkness.










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