Chapter 2-4 Plan B

“Fiona, ADA said that Flo and your craft are both gone. So let’s take mine” offers Sarah sincerely.

Fiona is still trying think things through. First her kid was kidnapped, then she lost communication with her husband and now the trouble seems a lot closer with terror right in the parking lot of the school.

Schools are the second most sacred places on the planet next to the temples and there has been only once or twice in the entire colonization history of Geminorium b where troubles like these occur in school.

But now that it is here. What can she do about it? Running away is definitely not an option because the people that she is dealing with seems to have way too much resources. Tractor beams, explosives and large flying objects.

What did they want with her vehicle? It’s an ordinary transporter. Sure it is a bit classy but not something to tear the school parking lot over. And she did not have anything in there either of high value. No diamonds, no special gadgets. Fiona likes to keep her transporter clean and uncluttered. A more natural feel rather than the typical gadget-stuffed transporter. She had her entire head-up-display all redesigned and the interior too so that gadgets are supplementary and stay that way.

But never mind the interior of her transporter. Why would they want it? Maybe it was just a warning sign. Maybe they do not want Fiona to look for her husband and son. The incidents are too close in time to deem unconnected despite lack of direct proof. One never can be sure until one look for clues.

“Sarah, you are great.” says Fiona.
“Yes, sometimes,” smiles Sarah back at Fiona.

“ADA, can you locate Sarah’s transporter through the smoke?” asks Fiona.

“In a moment…..yes, no damage to Master Sarah’s transporter. Master Fiona, I captured a long range photo of the object that abducted Master Flo. I will send the image in for analysis. It is too faint for my capabilities.” replies ADA.

“Great. Sure.”

The two gals races to the transporter.
Sarah: hop in Fiona.
Fiona: don’t mind if I do.
Sarah: let me guess, to Juno’s school first? Don’t worry Fiona. It’s all going to be alright

As the craft dashes out of the parking structure into the twilight, Fiona thinks to herself: I hope so. I really do.


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