Chapter 2-3 Robbery

As Fiona is ready to call her daughter Juno, there is a loud crash from back of the building. That is the location of the transporter parking facility. The girls look at each other astonished. A robot came rushing down the hallway. It is a spherical shaped object with wings and had a red light that is blinking indicating emergency.

“ADA!” calls out Fiona. “What happened?”

“Alert! Intruder alert!” responded the robot ADA in a high pitch feminine voice.

BOOM! Another loud sound of explosion came from the same area. This time smoke and debris starts to spill into the building where the three girls are.

“I will go ahead and take a look,” says Flo. “You gals stay back here. It’s dangerous.”

“Be careful Flo,” Sarah warns.

Flo dashes ahead behind ADA’s trail and into the smoke stack.

Cough, Cough. Flo could barely see through the thick vail of smoke and the dim red beacon on ADA right at about 3 o’clock ahead. The smoke was choking her. ADA activates her laser search beacon looking for something. Flo chases ahead through the smoke.

As she approaches the stationary positions of ADA, ADA’s beam seem to have located something. Far in the distance through the smoke, Flo can see the wreckage that the explosion has caused. Someone has set off an explosion and opened a big hole in the parking facility. Some of the nearby vehicles are obliterated.

“ADA, run a scan of vehicles still on the lot. How many are damaged? Were there any casualties” says Flo.

“It is highly unlikely that there were anyone there in the facilities when the explosion occurred and our sensors has no record of entry into the facility,” answers ADA. “My preliminary scan of the parking lot reveals only the vehicles near the explosions are gone. The remaining vehicles are safe in place….except…”

“Except what ADA?” asks Flo.

“Except for Fiona’s personal craft” mutters ADA. “Fiona’s craft seems to have disappeared and there does not seem to be any sign of it’s where about”

Boom! Another loud sound thunders in the facility but this time it seems to have come from the outside through the hole created by the previous explosion.

“ADA, let’s go take a look. Maybe Fiona’s craft got tractor beamed outside so it didn’t leave any signature on the ground. That sound is very familiar. I bet it’s a tractor beam malfunction.”

“Master Flo, I don’t gamble anymore” responds ADA.

“ADA, that is a figure of speech. It means I am fairly confident that it is a tractor beam malfunction” says Flo.

“Master Flo, you might be right. My sound and magnetic analysis indicates that it might be a Type II tractor beam.”

“Okay, ADA search the database and find out who on this planet has access to that type of tractor beam and follow me. Let’s see what is happening out there,” say Flo.

“But master Flo, I don’t have clearance?”

“Call Major Andante and tell him that I asks for clearance to check on the tractor beam ownership files” says Flo.

Flo looks ahead at the wreckage and the hole that was created. It was starting to get dark outside as Pollux sets under the horizon. Street light lights up automatically. There was a dark smoking object far in the distant. Flo runs toward it at her best speed. ADA flaps her wing and dashes right behind.

“Master Flo, Major Andante gave the clearance and I searched the record.” Flo is fairly focus on the wreckage that she isn’t really paying attention to ADA.

“Master Flo, Major Andante wants to talk to you,” says ADA as both exit through the hole and into the streets.

“That’s Fiona’s craft all right. I was right. Tractor beams.” exclaims Flo. But her voice is too loud. Two dark figures in the distance seem to have heard her voice and rushes behind what seems to be a malfunctioned tractor beam vehicle.

“ADA, tell Major Andante to skip the chitchat and tell me what he knows of the owners of type II tractor beams on this planet.” says Flo unkindly to the robot.

After a few moments, ADA responds. “Major Andante says that there are several owner of type II tractor beam on this planet. Most of them in the scrap metal business. But from the data on size and magnetic signatures, the database shows that it is high probable that the tractor beams belong to Samuel C. Xiu, owner of Luxberg Metals. The second less likely possible candidate, although still with high probability is Kabushini Verati, owner of Geminorium b Mining. Both Xiu and Verati runs underground operations of trading stolen metals. You don’t want to mess with them,” warns ADA.

“But what do they want with Flo’s craft? That’ all I want to know. I won’t touch what they do with their operations” responds Flo with a sincere look on her face.”

“Major Andante says that if that is the case, go ahead very cautiously and quickly let the other side know your intentions. Both men are reasonable up to a certain point.

“ADA call Fiona and Sarah that we are okay and we are proceeding to investigate the theft of Fiona’s personal craft and then try to hail those people hiding behind the broken tractor beam.” But as soon as Flo finishes her sentence, another large ominous object descends from above. It was dark so it was difficult to make out what that thing is. And it was flashing eye blinding lights.

You hear a large sound of electric current coming online and the broken tractor beam along with Fiona’s craft are pulled upward into the cavity at the belly of the object high above. The two men stands there waiting for something. Perhaps they will be pulled up too, thought Flo.

“ADA, wait here.”

Flo dashes ahead before ADA could respond. “Master Flo, its dangerous. You don’t know who they are and what they are doing!” But Flo cannot hear anything ADA said because she’s already hundreds of meters away.

“Master Flo, it’s dangerous,” shout ADA as loud as her circuits allows her. ADA quickly scans the area to see if there are any other dangers.

As Flo approaches the two dark figures, the figures stood up and held something out. Flo stopped running thinking it might be a weapon. And she was right. But before she can scream or call for help, the figures fired the weapon and stuns Flo unconscious.

ADA is an analytic robot with essentially no weapons except for some weak zap here and there. So she could not do anything.

As the object high above raised the broken tractor into its belly, it directed the beam at the two person and Flo’s unconscious body. They levitated toward the object and then disappeared into the belly.

“Master Fiona, Flo and your craft are gone!” exclaims ADA.



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