Chapter 2-2: ????

“Where are you all going?” As Sarah and Fiona rushes to the transporter depot located at the backside of the school, a small figure in the hallway hollers.

“Flo, you can’t come,” responded Fiona.

“What, what? Where are you going? Why the hurry.” asked the lady again emerging from the dark hallway with a big grin.

“Let her come, Fiona” requested Sarah.

“Well, it can be dangerous Flo. You sure you want to go?”

“Ha, adventure! Of course I want to go. What’s the occasion?”

“Fiona’s husband Amelio is missing. We can’t contact him nor find him with the communicator.” explains Sarah.

“Maybe the communicator is broken? Or maybe he just doesn’t want to answer.”

“No time for jokes, Flo. We can’t find Amelio nor his friend David through the Operator.” says Sarah.

“That sounds serious. I mean the Operator can find anybody.”

“That’s what I mean Flo. Something fishy is happening and we need to find Amelio.”

“Hey Fiona, have you called the kids?Maybe they would know.” asks Flo.

“Okay, I will call them right now.”


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