Chapter 2-1: Thinking of You

[in the ??? zone]

As the sun gently sets, Fiona packs up her stuff in her tote bag.

“See you tomorrow, Fiona” says one of her colleague.

“See you tomorrow Sarah.”

“Are you seeing Amelio this weekend?”

“No, not this weekend. I have too much work to catch up.”

“You two don’t see each other too often” quips Sarah.

“He leaves a bunch of messages on the communicator for me. But I think it’s a waste of time. I can’t possibly watch so many of them and reply every single one.” responded Fiona with a bit of helplessness.

“You are probably reading too much into his messages. He probably just want to let you know that he is thinking of you. Hank sends me messages all the time too. It use to drive me nuts but now I just say ‘very good honey. I love you too.’ and he happily goes about his business.” says Sarah as she kicks in her maternal mode of offering relationship advices.

“But it’s pretty tough you have to work here and not able to see each other all the time. Take a good break and go see him and the kids. It will be good for you and your work,” adds Sarah.

Fiona quietly acknowledges Sarah’s advice and then continues to put things in her bag. “He hasn’t sent any messages in the last few days though” mumbles Fiona.

“See. You miss him already. Maybe something happened. Did you call him?”


“Why not?” said Sarah with a little surprise.

“He is the one who is suppose to call me.”

“Fiona. Call him. Maybe something happened and he can’t call you. Call him right now. Here use my communicator”

“Thanks Sarah. I go pay the phone bill and call him. He’s fine.”

“How do you know? This planet got things happening everyday. And Amelio’s job isn’t the safest. Call him right now or I won’t buy you lunch next week.”

“Alright” Sarah hands Fiona the communicator.

“Operator, Amelio Hung in the ??? Zone please”

“Calling Amelio Hung……”

Moments later the communicator disconnects. On the screen it says “not found”.

Fiona looks at Sarah and then at the communicator. She pressed the call button again. “Operator, locate Amelio Hung of ????. Id: xxxxxxxx”.

“Searching….” replies the robotic voice of the communicator.

“Amelio Hung….last located at coordinate x,y. No connection can be established at this time. Friend David also located at the same location at the same time. No connection can be established.”

Suddenly, Fiona feels the rush of blood and the heavy pumping of her heart.

“Sarah, I cannot find him.”

“This doesn’t sound so good. It’s weekend. I call Hank and tell him that I will be busy with you. Girl, grab your bags. We need to find your Amelio.”


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