Chapter 15: Papa Papa

“Miss Jane, Papa is in trouble,” says Juno.

Several hours after Amelio had dropped Juno off at the school, Juno has been relatively quiet attending to the matters of the school. She acted very calmly even though she know that her brother has mysteriously disappeared. She had finished mopping the floor of the bathroom with her group and was memorizing the ancient scrolls when she felt a little nauseated. Juno has this particular sense for others. She can feel pain and happiness of another person just walking by the person. Now she is feeling something quite different and far.

“What it is dear?” asked Miss Jane, Juno’s class teacher.

“Miss Jane, something awful is happening and I see my papa in a flying incident,” replied Juno.

“Juno, how do you know that it is your father?”

“I am very certain Miss Jane. Last time this happened, it was a small mishap in the kitchen with the faucet bursting and my father was all drenched. But this time is more serious.”

“Juno, you can see things in the future?”

“Can’t you?” replied Juno with a sincere surprise?

“No, no, Juno, most people cannot see into the future,” replied Miss Jane with a calm smile. “What is your father’s communicator id. Let me see if I can reach him now to see if he is safe.”

“Here it is.” Juno hands a little card that her papa had given her for emergency. On it are the contact information. Miss Jane took the card with slight urgency and runs back to her desk and punched in the communicator id.

The light on the communicator board flashed…and flashed…but no answer. The signal was barely getting through.

“Miss Jane, someone is jamming the signal,” exclaimed one kid who was curious enough to be looking over the shoulder of Miss Jane.

“Max, sit down,” commanded Miss Jane.

“But Miss Jane, that is a typical signal jamming problem.”

“Max, you are in kindergarten and you are telling me about jamming signals?!”

“Miss Jane, I know how to fix that. I saw my papa do it all the time.”

“I don’t believe this. What don’t you act your age and play with toys and stuff.”

“I do,” says Max with a smirk. “I play with papa’s toys.”

“Okay, Max. So if this is signal jamming. What can we do.? The jamming is coming from the outside.” says Miss Jane with a little more seriousness.

“This guy is a novice. Its a very weak jam. All we have to do is modulate our signal at random so that his machine cannot guess what frequency we are transmitting. We then send a checksum signal to tell the receiving end how to decode the modulation.”

“Max, Miss Jane never had signal theory,” whispers Jane into Max’s ear.

“Oh, I am sorry. Miss Jane, we just outwit the jammer. Let me take care of it.”

Miss Jane steps away from her chair to let Max sit and control the console. He looks like an expert sitting in that chair. Quickly punching a few button and turning some dials, the communicator starts ringing. The signal strength is now back to normal.

“See, Miss Jane? Piece of cake.”

“Don’t piece of cake me you. You are not getting any cakes today.” says Miss Jane sternly. “We have to find out if Juno’s dad is in trouble.”

The signal goes through and Amelio voice speaks out from the com board. “Who is this,” asks Amelio.

“Max, sir. Juno’s friend at school”

“Why are you calling on a unidentified frequency?”

“Sir, our signals are being jammed. Juno says you might be in trouble so we want to call you to make sure.”

“Well, we had a few troubles but nothing too serious that we cannot handle,” replies Amelio. “Tell Juno, that papa is in the middle of something and will call her back.”

“Sir, don’t hang up. There is something that Juno wants to tell you.”

But before Max can put another word in, the communication ended.

“Miss Jane, papa is in trouble,” repeats Juno.

“Are you so sure dear?” asks Miss Jane now with a little nervousness.

“Yes, Miss Jane. I want to see my papa”


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