Chapter 14: Flying Over Zone 4 (中英對照)

“What’s that shimmering light over there?” I ask as our craft is swiftly taking us to Mount Sediq.David brings up the navigational panel on a touchable HUD. He presses the HUD at the location of the shimmering light.

“Zone 4 Colony Temple. Distance 3 kilometers,” announced the computer. “Established 20 years AFHA (*after first human arrival), it houses several deities of home planet Earth and became a very popular place of worship. After the Zajim Incidence 30 AFHA, Zone 4 has been evacuated. No known habitation is currently known in that area.”

“That’s strange. There shouldn’t be anyone there,” says David.

“What is the Zajim Incidence?” I ask.

“Zajim Incidence. Yes, it was a peculiar incidence that happened 15 years ago. As you can guess, it was not highly publicized. The establishments in Zone 4 was a bit unique. The inhabitants were very traditional to the ways of the Earth. They insist to terraforming their surrounding to replicate Earth rather than fitting in to the Pollux b environment. This was all fine except it was very expensive.”

“How come I don’t know about this?” I ask.

“You don’t have enough clearance,” David replied.

“What do you mean I don’t have enough clearance! I am the key projector of this area and I have…” I respond with a bit of ire.

“Nope, not enough clearance. They don’t pay you enough.” quips David.

“Alright, tell me more.”

“Nope, you don’t have enough clearance.” replied David again.

“Well clear me!” I give David a stern stare. “If this has to do with Brutus…”

“Alright, alright…look don’t tell anyone.”

“David, the CCS (Central Computer System) tracks everything.”

“I know, but I know how to delete the records”

“What? Really?”

“Computer, Amelio Hong, Clearance level AAA. Authorization code 14142135621921”

“Amelio Hong, key projector at Gama Corporation. Clearance permitted,” the computer responded

“Computer. Initiate record deletion in 5 minutes.” “Record deletion timer inititated,” responds the computer.

“David, I thought you are just a geophysicist.” David looks ahead with a smirk on his face. ” You have only five minutes to retrieve as much information as you need.”

“That’s plenty of time. Computer, compile and list all files related to the Zajim Incidence 30AFHA.”

“2 records” responded the computer. I was expecting a huge torrent of data but to my surprise there were only 2 records. It looks like someone really want to keep the incidence hush hush.

“Display,” I command the computer.

“First record, an aerial photo of Zone 4 after the incidence. Second record, a report by an Patrol Officer. Displaying the aerial photo.”

A black and white photo of Zone 4 appears on the HUD. “Computer magnify 10 time section G4” That was the location of the temple.

“My goodness David, is that what I think it is?”


“4區殖民地寺距離3公里,”宣布的計算機。 “成立20年來AFHA(*後,人類第一次到達),設有數家地球神崇拜成為非常受歡迎的地方。Zajim發病後的30 AFHA,4區已被疏散。沒有已知的居住地是目前已知的在該地區。“










“好清楚!”我給大衛船尾瞪眼。 “如果這與布魯特斯……”







“電腦啟動在5分鐘內記錄的刪除。” “記錄刪除定時器inititated的,”計算機響應。

“大衛,我還以為你只是一個地球物理學家。”大衛展望了他的臉傻笑。 “你只有五分鐘,檢索你需要盡可能多的信息。”





4區的黑白照片出現在HUD上。 “計算機放大10時間段G4”這是寺廟的位置。




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