Chapter 13: Enter the Mountain


“David, how can we get to Mount Sediq?” I asked. “Do you have a back up transportation.”

“Back up? Amelio, I always have back up,” says David with a wide grin on his face. He pulls out his communicator from his pocket and pressed a red button.

“Access code please,” says the communicator in an enchanting feminine voice.

“314159265” says David. I gave him a look. “That’s just silly”.

“Secondary authentication password,” says the communicator again. This time David pulls another gadget out of his pocket. It is an authentication code generator. He pressed the button on it and out comes a string of gibberish.

“Authentication code 2L7M1K8B2Z8R1M8M3T1921,” David reads to the communicator. The numbers 1921 catches my attention. I don’t know why. It isn’t any number that I can readily recall.

“Authorization cleared,” announced the gadget.

Then the ground started shaking as David’s lawn opens up and a transporter was elevated to the surface.

“Huawei ZL. Nice! Must be a few years since you took it for a ride.”

“Nope, I take it for a ride every so often so that it stays in shape for emergencies. Hop on we are going to the mountain in style”

David, I and his son jumped into the sporty transporter and fastened our seat belts.

“So where to Amelio, Mount Sediq has quite a few peaks. What are we looking for?”

“I am not quite sure myself. There aren’t many clues. Let’s just start with any of the early Earth outposts. Was there ever any settlement there?”

“During the first arrival, there was an outpost set up there. However, something happened and the outpost was abandoned.”

“Let’s see what’s there. I get the feeling that this is something about the past.”

“Alright, hang on, this little craft is quite zippy.”

“Wait a minute!” I exclaimed. “Check your system programs and make sure it is clear of any bugs.”

“Good idea.”

David runs a diagnostic of all its systems. “All clear,” he says. “It’s better to be safe than sorry,” I say.

David pressed the ignition button, enters the outpost name to the navigation system and pulls the speed lever to 3/4 full speed.

“Don’t you warm up your vehicles before dashing off like that?”

“Amelio, this vehicle isn’t that old. You still do that?” I silently noded in acknowledgement.

“So what is the name of the outpost?” I ask.

“White Tiger,” he responded. “Have you ever been there?”

“Well I read a lot about it and flew over it once but never really spent much time there”

“Sounds scary.”

“We will see soon.”


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