Chapter 12: Dear Wife

“What?!”, screamed my wife on the communicator. I held the communicator at a distant as I hear her ranting how irresponsible that I was in making Bruno disappear. “But but…” I tried to explain that this is not your typical disappearance and most importantly I didn’t cause it. It just happened. But that didn’t matter. My wife was so concerned that she would not let me off the hook. But then she realized that all that expression of concerns wasn’t going to help find Brutus. So she said with some sensibility “So what are you going to do about it now?”

That was my cue to show how I have all the steps figured out, that I would find Brutus in no time and she would praise how smart her husband is.

“Well, here are the steps,” I told her. I went through step by step about how I might find Brutus. I have a sense of what might be

going on. But right now they are no more than just conjectures, ideas of the mind. I need facts and verifications.

“You better find Brutus ASAP. How is Juno?”

“In school. She should be fine there. Mel, my cousin. You remember? Tall with glasses? He is suppose to come and help me decipher these glyphs. But he hasn’t showed up.”

“Mel? Yes I remember him. Why is he here?”

“He said it was something urgent. There are a lot of strange things happening right now. Fiona, stay put and watch for anything strange. We are up again something rather big here. Did I mentioned my transporter was brought down by a intentional virus attack?”

“No, you forgot to mention that.”

“Oh, sorry. Our transporter is being towed by the insurance to repair. I don’t know if it will survive the repair.”

“Amelio, stop worrying about your transporter! The kids!”

“Right, the kids”

Fiona hangs up the phone. I look to David who is holding the hand of his child looking to the distance.

I also look in that direction. In the distance, there is a mesmerizing mountain range. Then it strikes me.

“David, hand me the glyph,” I hurriedly said to him.

“Mountain, David. Mountain. This glyph is the symbol for mountain.”


“Yes, mountain. How many mountains are there around here?”

“Well, that is the major one. It’s tallest peak is about 1500 meters and average height about 900 meters.”

“What’s it called?”

“Mount Sediq, named after some aboriginal tribe back on earth.”

“Who named it?”

“I did,” David quipped.

“Don’t you have anything better to do as a geophysicist?” I smile and said.

“They don’t pay me well, but I figure I should have some fun.”

“David, is your transporter still here?” “Sure, why?”

“We are going to Mount Sediq”


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