Chapter 10: I am a projector


Several minutes passed. Because one engine is out, the time to get to David’s place doubles so there was still about 20 minutes left. I looked out the side window toward the ground. I could see clearly the various patches of habitations and the network of roads. My present altitude had risen to about 1000 feet and heading north northwest.
The analyzer had been busy reloading the system codes to the transporter but was unable to reload the engine code. I press a button to have the analyzer skip the engine code and continue to load other sections while I think about what might have caused the problem.
After all other codes were loaded, I tried a complete reboot. Now, the engine system is still infected with the virus but the analyzer has completely isolated it so there was no way for it to spread. I turned off all the power to the vehicle for several seconds.
The transporter coasted as the engine shuts down. I let it coast for several more second and then pressed the ignition button again for a complete reboot of the vehicle. After I pressed the button, the one working engine rebooted fine. But when I pressed the analyzer again for engine code reload, lights on the dashboard started blinking. First was the emergency lights, then temperature indicators…soon the whole board was blinking…this transporter is way too old, I think to myself. With the lights all blinking, the transporter suddenly jerks and the power systems all fail.
It can’t get any worse than this. And it looks like I have to coast all the way to David’s house.
So the transporter is now on the list of casualties for this morning.

As the transporter now coasts toward the destination, I noticed something large and ominous out on the horizon of the left window. I pointed my meter scope toward it. It sends a green laser pulse toward the distant object and indicated that the object was several thousand kilometers away. Judging from it’s visual size this object is huge. I enlarge the view with the scope and projected it to the front window. There is actually two objects or structures rather. I roam this region frequently as part of my projects to further understand the region for development but I had never seen these before! What are they? I false colored the image and enhanced its contrast. Vaguely in the image were the letters XF and GB on the two respective structures. XF! That’s the company that just brought down my vehicle! Many thoughts rushed through my mind but I ignored them. For now, I need to find out what happened to my kid, Brutus and to meet up with David and Mel.


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