Chapter 9: What else can go wrong?

The com board is down, one engine is out, one kid is missing, and a strange communication from David plus I am just running out of fuel. Fine fine, that’s no problem at all. Think think. I looked at the fuel gauge and there is probably about 2 minutes before I run out of fuel. That’s just fine.

Then I remember there’s a fuel transformer on the vehicle. Haven’t used it for ages. It takes whatever you put into it and turns it into fuel for the vehicle. Now that’s handy. So let’s see what on the vehicle that I can throw into it.

I looked around the vehicle and there wasn’t really anything that I can throw away. Everything was important. Looks like I have to part with some of my precious goods so that I don’t end up crashing back down to the ground. Luckily, I really don’t need to give the transformer that much to get enough fuel.

I put my of my favorite tea cups on the balance of the fuel transformer. The readout from the fuel transformer tells me how much fuel I can get from my tea cups. 30 minutes at full speed. That’s more than enough. 

Without hesitation, I open the cover of the fuel transformer and throw in my cups. I closed the lid and pressed the transform button.

Nothing happened.

What? I pressed the button again. Still nothing. So I gave the thingamajig my best kick. Bam. The transformer started rumbling. Not too bad. So much for Murphy’s Law. At lease this thing is working. The display show that it take only 1 minute to convert the cup to fuel. Just in time.

Through the transparent window of the transformer, I watched as my precious tea cup disintegrated into fuel. So long my tea cup…

After a minute, I got back to the pilot seat. The newly transformed fuel was pumped into the fuel tank and the transporter still cruises smoothly at half speed.So I am going to be 15 minutes late. That should be fine since Mel was coming from a long distance any way.

I checked the analyzer that had sent the robot program into the transporter system to expel the virus. The robot seem to have isolated one instance of the virus but indicated that the virus has duplicated itself and attached itself to the system codes. There was no way to separate the virus from the main system now. The whole system has to be reloaded.

Each system on the transporter is a back up for the other. So if I cyclically reload the codes one system at a time, the transporter will still operate while the codes are being reloaded. Sounds like a plan?

I entered the reloading sequence into the analyzer to have it do cyclical reloading. It will have to be fast or else another engine will be brought down. I set the reload speed to rapid. Rapid reloading has low integrity, meaning that the program will not double check all codes that are loaded. That is generally fine. And right now, time is of the essence. I clicked the button on the analyzer for rapid reload and it retrieved the anti-virus robot and started the reload sequence.

Within 30 seconds the first system was reloaded…another 30 seconds…the second system was reloaded…another 30 seconds….error detected. The engine system codes won’t reload. Aiya!



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