Chapter 8: All that can go wrong does go wrong…

Still cruising at top emergency speed, my transporter screams across the landscape. David’s place is still 15 minutes away in zone 25 of the Humuzei outpost. Since the vehicle is on autopilot and the com board is out, there wasn’t much I could do. I turned my seat around to a tea maker and starts making some tea. “Beep…beep,” a sound comes from the dashboard. “What now?” I think to myself. I looked at the dashboard and one of the engine light is blinking. The transporter quickly slowed down although still moving forward. I checked the analyzer. $@#$@! I forgot to repel the virus. Even though the 20 year old vehicle consists of several independent systems, there are hidden bridges between them. The virus must have found its way into the engine system and shuts one of them down. Although with one engine out, the vehicle was able to stabilize itself.

But now instead of 15 minutes, it is going to take longer. I am a bit stubborn when it comes to punctuality and adding 15 more minutes to the flight wasn’t going to cut it. I quickly hit the shield button on the analyzer.

The analyzer screen went blank and then a scrolling text of unrecognizable characters flow through it. That’s the defense robot sent into the vehicle system to repel the virus.

“2 hours to complete clearing the system of virus,” the screen printed. That wasn’t going to help me to get there any faster. But I just let the robot do its thing.

Just at this moment, another chirping sound chimes in. I looked again at the dashboard. The fuel light is now on. I FORGOT TO GAS UP? Oh nooooooooo!….


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