Chapter 6: Two troubles

On the way to the school, another message appeared on the transporter communication board. “Computer, activate message,” I said. “Hello Amelio,” spoke a familiar sound from the com board. “Hey cousin, what’s up. I am in a bit of a rush.” “I am here in town to see you.” “Really, that is cool but my kid disappeared and I have to find him.” That sounds awkward as it is not your typical greeting conversation. There was a bit of a silence. “So what’s up Mel?” “Oh nothing, just visiting the area with wife. Haven’t seen you for a while. Can I help?” Then I remembered. Mel knows someone who might be able to decipher the glyphs. “Yes you can. I am sending you the location of David, my friend right now. Meet me there at 0900 hour. Mel, something is happening here. I can sense it. And I don’t like it” I tapped a few buttons on the com board and David’s address is sent to Mel. “Got your directions Amelio…Amelio, I also have something to tell you…something also strange…,” says Mel. “Mel, tell me when we meet.” I pulled the transporter over to the curb in front of the school. “Juno, tell your teacher about your brother’s disappearance and make sure the school guard is on the look out for anything unusual and keep me informed.” “Okay daddy.” A school guard accompanies Juno into her school and I rushed the transporter to top speed. “Computer, emergency top speed engage. Head to David’s house right away.” “Right away sir.”


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