Chapter 5: Kidnapped?

As Juno and I finished our breakfast, I flicked on the news feed monitor on the table. Partly cloudy with a chance of shower in the evening. It’s been centuries since man has invented weather prediction models and yet even now we still get the same old “with a chance of” in the weather report. “Juno pack your school bag. We need to pick up your brother and then send you both to school.” Brutus, my older kid has been staying at a friend’s house over night. “don’t forget the umbrella,” I told him. “it might rain”. Juno is very happy about bringing the umbrella. To him it seems like having an umbrella is a grown-up thing. Suddenly I noticed an urgent message blinking on the bottom. I touched the blinking icon and up came a holographic message from Brutus’s friends’ house. The father had an urgent message for me. Thoughts rushed through my mind. Is he hurt? Did he do something awful? On and on and on. However, the face that appeared was much more grim. “Amelio,” he said to me and then paused. “David, what’s the problem? Why the long face?” “Amelio, your kid has disappeared…” “Are you sure David?” “We searched the entire house and even asked our neighbors and could not find him,” he says. “when did he disappear?” “around midnight when I went to the kids’ room to check on them. But we found this note” David holds up a piece of paper with some glyphs on it. “hold it higher David” “what is it Amelio…can you read it? What does it says?” I have not seen those glyphs since my youth when my grandfather showed them to me. They were ancient glyphs from earth. But no one uses them any more…”David, let me drop off Juno at school and then I will be right over”.


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