Chapter 4: Tech lock down

Juno dashes to the kitchen. “Watson, chocolate covered bread please. And half cup of warm soy milk.” “Good morning Juno”, says a robotic voice from one of the walls. Within seconds the food ordered appears magically on the breakfast table. “Juno, your mom reminds you to brush your teeth and wash your face before leaving for school.” Juno cringed at the reminder. ” okay, I know,” says Juno. I enter a few moments later. Juno has already chomped most of the delicious bread and is drinking the soy milk. I had a lot of things on my mind lately. There is a tradition in my family that on the fourth moonth of the year that we do a “technology lock down”. It has been 150 years since our ancestors on Earth discovered a wormhole near the outer solar system of earth which enable a small colony to migrate to here, the Pollux system, 33 some light year away, without advanced warp system. My ancestor was then among one of the elite chosen to head the colonists here. What they found here were signs of advanced civilization that have suddenly disappeared. But what those civilizations left behind were treasures of information and technology. It took many years to decipher those information with alien languages. But what was found spurred a spike in technology advancement like never before. While this has benefited the colonist and those at home at the earth system it has also created huge tech mess. The lock down moonth is a period where we stop any technological upgrade so that everyone in the family can just enjoy the convenience without having to rethink their routines every day. That saves a lot of mental power for something else…like family. “Watson , a cup of Formosa Oolong whole leaf, 1 minute brew. Please.” “Good morning, Master Houng, will you have the usual meat bun with that?” “No, today I will just have a plain toast, slightly browned” “nothing else, sir?”, says Watson, a little puzzled. “Watson, nothing else.” As both the perfectly brewed tea and toast appears, Waston asks “Something troubling sir?” “Yes, Watson but I don’t want to talk about it now.” “Yes, understood. Sir, enjoy your breakfast.” “Thanks Watson.” “Anytime, sir.”


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