Chapter 3: Sunrise…

The night was long, but as the sky outside slowly brightened, Juno woke up and comes to wake me up also. He shakes me by my arm and says “papa, papa come see the sunrise”. I opened my eyes unwillingly. It is amazing that kids get so excited about such little thing such as sunrise. But when I looked out the window I was stunned. Yesterday was just the equivalent of what used to be called spring equinox on my ancestors’ planet Earth. On that day, the length of day time and night time are equal. And the sun is positioned to rise exactly from the east. There wasn’t any cloud in the sky but there was a bit of hazy overlay so the sun was soft and diffuse blurring the edges of it’s well defined circular disk. The orange color of the sunrise blended so well with the colors of the forest beneath us…It was beautiful…then Juno asks me…Papa “why does the sun move?” as the sun elevated a few millimeters. Although I had the impulse to go into celestial mechanics with the girl I hesitated. I breathed out and told her…”it just does”…he looks at the sun peacefully very content with that answer. I waited a few seconds for her to absorb the scene. “Juno, get ready for breakfast. We have to pick up your brother.” “okay, right away” And off she goes to the kitchen. I looked at her as she dashed away. A zippy little girl…


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