Chapter 2: Returning Home

It took several hours to drive home…I could not keep my mind off of the strange encounter at the rest area…never have I seen something like that before. Was something strange brewing?

When I returned home to the apartment and parked the transporter, the kid is a sleep in the back seat. His brother was staying with a friend half an hour away. It was late in the night so I decided to pick his brother up later tomorrow. I carry the kid in my arms and rode the lift up to my studio.

What a mess. It has been days since I cleaned up the place. It’s not that it is really disorganized but that there are just little things everywhere. And I don’t want to deal with it. I put the kid in bed and turn off the bedroom light.

I head to my study and flick on the communication monitor. Nope, nothing new. Just lots of junk communiqué. I was hoping wife would send a message but I guess she was tired. It has been a while since I saw her. Her job requires that she live quite a ways away in another outpost. We are hoping that she would return soon. In fact she said she might come this month to visit.

I flick off the monitor and then sat in my arm chair…and then I fell asleep….


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