• Constancy: A K-Verse Saga

    This is the sequel to my first and only manga "The Key" written and drawn nearly 20 years ago about mental growth and stamina. This saga is larger in scale to fully explored the various situations that arises regarding growth and stamina. 這是我將近二十多年前在大學所畫的唯一漫畫“The Key"關於心理成長與耐力的續集。這個故事的規模大很多目的是希望能全面的探討各種關於成長與耐力的局面。

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Star Trek No Clues (Work In Progress) Visuals

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.57.41 PM

Enterprise NGC1701 model views Enterprise with extended propulsion unit (Blender 3D) Enterprise grazes the event horizon     Enterprise Arrives at Pollux IV   Enterprise rendevous with starbase on Pollux IV   Temple of Apollo River to Temple of Enterprise Temple of Enterprise and local school of Star Fleet Academy Inside the Temple of Enterprise […]

Comic #10: checking up on Gravity. Yup it still works


Does gravity have anything to do with real life? Yes it does. It is one of the most fundamental experiment of macroscopic (life size) forces. It’s how the planets move and why leaves fall, why you can’t jump off the planet, and also why it’s harder going uphill than down hill, why bikes lean on […]

What good is physics and cosmology?

I get this question a lot: What good is physics and cosmology? Nobody except the smart brains understand them anyways. Why should I care? There are a couple of reasons, I think. Awe. is the first one. But you can’t eat that. It’s good entertainment wise which is good in itself and can be enlightening. […]

Yellow Emperor and the Saint Teacher

The Yellow Emperor and the Saint Teacher: Long long long time ago in ancient China, there was the Yellow Emperor. He invented the compass, and help develop farming in ancient ancient ancient central plain of China near the Yellow River. One day he decide to give up his throne. He heard of a nomad saint […]

Duke Liu and the Tofu

Duke Liu and the Tofu Did you know that tofu, or soybean cake was invented by a southern Duke Liu of China? Instead of fussing about inheritance and fighting for power, he spent most of his time in agriculture and try to increase the yield of crops for the people in his fiefdom. The tofu […]

Value of Journey to the West as world literature

The Value of Journey to the West as world literature. Although Journey to the West is the first science fiction story written in China during the Ming dynasty circa 1700AD, its value to the world is only beginning to resurface. The recent shift in focus from the obsession with The Three Kingdom warriors to now […]

Top Astronomy and Science News of 2013

Top Astronomy and Science News of 2013 Top Astronomy and Physics news this year: 10) Comet PannStarr made an good show early in the year 9) Meteor strikes Russia injuring 1200 people Astronomers discover smallest exoplanet so far Kepler 37b 7) Discovery of the Higgs Boson completes the standard model 6) China Lands on the […]

Khan in history and scifi: Who is Khan anyway?

A bit of history: Khan, Khan, Khan. So who is Khan? Everybody is afraid of him. But who is he? Historically, Khan is the title of the ruler of Mongolian tribes much like a Caesar is to the Romans or Czar to the Russians. Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan being the most famous . Like […]

Short Story: Zombie and the Vampire

Story:The Zombie and the Vampire. One night it was dark and cloudy and full moon. The Vampire comes to the house of his buddy the Zombie and says:Z, I will race you to the haunted house. Z: Sure thing V. What are the rules? V: There are no rules. Whoever gets there wins. Z: Sure […]

Pacific Rim disasters in recent memory


1980 Mt St Helen volcano eruption 1989 Puget Sound Exxon Valdez 1989 California Loma Prieta/Bay Area Earthquake 1995 Japan Hanshin/Kobe earthquake 1994 So. Cal Northridge Earthquake 1999 Taiwan 921 earthquake 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake 2010 Chilean Earthquake 2008 China Sichuan Earthquake 2011 Japan Tōhuku/Fukushima earthquake


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